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Birthday Gifts

Every year of life should be celebrated in the best way possible, and a great way to properly celebrate another year is with a birthday gift delivery! This makes it so no matter how far away you are from the birthday person, you are able to send your love and well wishes for another year of life.

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Birthday Gifts Frequently Asked Questions

What are unique items to send as a birthday gift delivery?

Though we are partial to sending birthday roses or birthday plants to that special someone on their big day, the delivery doesn't have to stop there. At Proflowers we have so many other options to add onto your birthday bouquet delivery. Things like gourmet food delivery, candles to remind them of home, or maybe a sweet treat to add extra magic to their day.

If your loved one isn't into fruit baskets or birthday flowers, consider a Cardalloon balloon delivery, which is a fun gift option to celebrate a birthday! It allows you to write your own personalized message with the surprise of a balloon that's delivered right to their door. We share every Cardalloon reveal, so you can experience the reaction when your loved one receives it!

Does a birthday present delivery make a good gift?

Yes, yes, 100 times yes! A birthday present delivery makes a great gift for anyone celebrating their special day. And we say 'anyone,' because at Proflowers we have such a plethora of gifts to choose from for each unique individual in your life. Of course, you can go with the tried and true floral bouquet or you can go in another direction by choosing a fruit basket, cookies, cupcakes, or maybe even a huggable teddy bear if you can't be there in person. Whatever Proflowers birthday gift you choose, we're sure it will be a big hit!

How do I choose the perfect birthday gift for delivery?

Choosing the perfect delivery for birthday gifts comes down to their personal taste, your relationship, and the message you want to convey. Many gifts, including birthday flowers and birthday plants, can have their own meaning. Choosing something that symbolizes how you feel or represents your relationship will make their birthday extra special.

Consider birthday flowers that match their birth month. Each month has its own flower, and sending it shows how much thought you've put into their gift. For example, daisies are the flower for April.

What about deluxe birthday gifts?

If you're looking for deluxe birthday gifts, we have plenty on offer at Proflowers! Check out our extensive range of gift baskets with plenty of variety and options to suit all tastes. If you're buying for someone with a sweet tooth, what better way to indulge than in delicious Belgian chocolate-covered strawberries? If your loved one enjoys savory foods, we have a wide range of cheese and meat platters perfect for spoiling your loved one. Many of our gift baskets come in special boxes that are perfect to take outdoors to enjoy a celebratory picnic.

In addition to food gift baskets, we have plenty of spa gift baskets for birthday delivery gifts that are sure to make every celebration special. Your loved one can leave the day's stress behind when they come home to a relaxing spa gift filled with candles and bath products, perfect for unwinding at home on their birthday.

Is same day shipping available for a birthday present delivery?

Yes! When you shop with Proflowers, you can get same day birthday present delivery on many of our floral options. You can order them in the morning and have them delivered by that evening. So, whether you are ordering birthday flowers for a friend or for a family member, they will be on time and become a part of the celebration.

Will my birthday treats stay fresh if they are delivered?

The answer to this one is, of course, yes! We at Proflowers take pride in both our delivery and our products, and they are handled with care and consideration. If for some reason, you feel your order doesn't meet our high quality standards, please reach out to us so we can make it right! Shop all birthday gifts today and order the perfect birthday gift delivery for your loved one's birthday with Proflowers.