Iris Flowers

Nothing says spring like a fresh iris bouquet. Irises bring out the purples, blues, and pinks of spring, while a white iris flower arrangement brings a touch of elegance to any room. The iris earned its name from the Greek Goddess Iris, a messenger who was known to use the rainbow as a bridge from heaven and earth. An iris bouquet is sure to cheer someone up or add a burst of color to their day.

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Whether you’re adding a burst of color to someone’s day or drawing in the attention of a room, our iris arrangements are sure to dazzle your loved ones. An iris flower can come in bold shades of purple, bright yellows, pure white, and the most commonly uses vibrant blue. Blue irises are often seen in many bouquets, this is because of its natural hue of “true blue.” This vivid bloom stands out in any collection of flowers, mainly because it is one of the few blues that occurs naturally.   Gift an iris flowers for February birthday’s, a 25th wedding anniversary, or to celebrates your Tennessee natives state flower. Throughout history, iris flowers have been used for different purposes and meanings. The ancient Greeks planted purple iris flowers on the graves of women, while the French used iris flowers to symbolize royalty and power. Their stunning beauty is still celebrated today. With each color having a specific meaning- purple irises are associated with royalty, yellow irises with passion, and blue irises with hope and faith- there is an iris delivery perfect for every special occasion. Send a yellow iris bouquet to make that special anniversary even more radiant. Or gift a bouquet of purple iris flowers to make them feel truly like a queen. For a full guide and the meaning of each iris, check out our floral guide.   Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations or just because, iris bouquets make a lasting impression on your loved ones. Proflowers has a collection of beautiful iris flowers to make every occasion spectacular. We help you create memorable moments thought handcrafted and hand-delivered floral delivery. From being cut fresh from the fields, to being handled with care up until it arrives, iris flowers help every bouquet come to life. Whether they arrive if bud form for last lasting enjoyment or come ready in full bloom, watch beautiful irises add color to any rooms their placed. An iris flower effortlessly contrasts brilliant blooms, like yellow roses, white lilies and red tulips. This diverse flower complements the most stunning pink stargazer lily or perfectly pink rose.